Samiullah Delary

“I had only completed my class 12th and never had any exposure in the field of jobs and interviews. I got rejected several times but I kept on trying as I wanted to help my family.” Once said Samiullah Delary.

Samiullah is a hard-working and courageous young boy who wanted to get a job to support his family. His father works as a day-time laborer earning only AFN 300 per day. However difficult life seemed, Samiullah’s parents made sure that their only son went to school instead of working like other children of the community. After completing his 12th standard examination, Samiullah wanted to work but got rejected at all the interviews as he lacked soft and language skills.

But after joining Rahila Foundation, Samiullah was encouraged to participate in the Foundation’s training programs. The courses at the program covered English Communication and writing skills, leadership skills, and Personality Development. With the help of the Foundation, Samiullah was first introduced to an internship for four months. And now, Samiullah has a good job and earns enough to support his family and his partial scholarship at a private university.


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