Mena Hamidi

As Mena Hamidi stood looking at the trophy that she has won recently for becoming the Best Student of the Semester, her eyes twinkled with a sense of achievement.

Passionate and determined for education, Mena, 21, dreamed of studying higher education since high school graduation, but financial problems didn’t help her much to realize her dreams. It was not until August 2018 when Mena with the help of Rahila Scholarship Program secured a full scholarship to study her favorite field of study: Dental Prosthesis.

Mena is one of the 17 scholarship recipients at Farabi Institute of Health Science who enjoys studying her favorite field of study and wishing to become a doctor in the future. Hardworking and resilient, Mena has become an inspiration for young girls and boys not just in her classroom, but also in her neighborhood.

“I was very happy to hear that I was selected one of the candidates of Rahila Scholarship Program. Since then, I am introduced to many amazing opportunities at the Institute and beyond. Thanks to Rahila’s legacy and the invaluable support of Rahila Foundation team.”


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