Faraidoon Mohammadi

Faraidoon Mohammadi, 14, has fond memories of the time he became the first position holder of his class at Arghoon Shahan Educational Academy. He remembers his father telling him to concentrate on English language and computer programs because he believed that it will help him in the future. His father perhaps felt that his son should take up a good job so that he does not have to worry about Faraidoon’s future — a sentiment that is shared by many of the Rahila Scholarship recipients at the English language center as well.

Faridoon is an intermediate student at the Academy. Hard-working, creative, and ambitious, Faridoon hopes to finish his English language courses until the Diploma level and apply for a scholarship in the future. Interested in social activism and leadership, Fariadoon also wishes to serve at the Rahila Foundation after his undergraduate studies.

“English, at this point of time, is very important,” Faridoon says. “If you don’t know English, you are missing a key instrument for success. No good job. No good future opportunities.”


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