Capacity Building

Rahila Foundation offers various need-based and demand-driven capacity-building training programs to train school and university students with an aim to equip them with skills essential for their personal, professional and academic excellence.

More particularly, Rahila Foundation aspires to help the school and university students in their pursuit of higher education and career. Relatedly, the training programs are designed and managed in a manner that caters to the need of students who seek to take advantage of scholarship opportunities to study abroad, and to the need of those university graduates who strive to find a job and build their career.

Our capacity-building interventions broadly cover the following aspects:

Through our capacity-building activities:

We share and build on our capacity-building model and understand how it works in practice.
We support organizations to develop stronger networks and more collaborative, innovative working cultures.
We co-design solutions with the organizations we work with.

We believe change starts with the young generation when they are empowered and equipped with the right tools and knowledge to deliver greater impact.

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