RF Member and Mentee Wins Full Scholarship at AUAF

Meet one of our members and mentees, Parisa Hashimi, who with the support of our educational mentorship program, and of course her ambitious efforts, has recently secured a full scholarship to study a BA program at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF).

This is what Parisa wrote to us:

“I am Parisa Hashim, passionate about and determined for education, and an individual who enjoys the rights to make her own decisions in her life — thanks to my open-minded and supportive parents. A year ago, when I first came to Kabul after living as a refugee in Quetta for years, I was challenged by civic obstacles, as well as lacked resources and necessary mentorship during the course of my studies, but it was not until I joined Rahila Foundation as a member and later as a mentee that brought profound changes in my life.

Before joining Rahila Foundation, I only thought that it was like a normal library where I could spend most of my time practicing math, TOEFL iBT, borrow books to read, and do my assignments, but soon I found Rahila Foundation more than these as I took full advantage of its educational mentorship program. Moreover, it felt like a home with its kind staff supporting me and encouraging me each day to move forward until finally, I received a full scholarship to study a four-year undergraduate program at the American University of Afghanistan.

Today, Rahila Foundation is not just a Foundation, it is a heaven, a way of life for many students who want to unlock their potential, and a great supporter for those who always need one. Thank you Rahila Foundation for supporting and guiding me, as well as for always believing in me! I feel so happy, beyond any words, writing this to you today.

I wish you all the very best!”

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