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RF Announces 20 New Scholarships for the Needy

Based on an MoU between Rahila Foundation and Farabi Institute of Health Science, the former offers 20 full scholarships for family members of the martyrs, the wounded of recent terrorist attacks, and those families who cannot afford higher education of their children in private universities and institutes of higher education. The scholarships are offered in the following majors:
• Midwifery
• Nursing
• Medical Technology
• Dental Prothesis
• Physiotherapy
Interested applicants are asked to refer to our office with 6 photos, a copy of the NID card, and a copy of their high school diploma. Deadlines are tight.
Address: Rasoul Akram Mosque, Behind Nasir Khosraw Hospital, Gulayee Bus Stop, Dasht-e Barchi, Kabul
Deadline: September 10, 2020
For more, please contact 0728299779

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