Rahila Library is a Refuge to Hundreds of Needy

We are glad that in a short time Rahila Foundation has adapted to the demands of its members and beyond by providing them with space and resources to satisfy their thirst for information and inspiration for further learning.

Rahila Library, an initiative of Rahila Foundation, is now refuge to many of its members, mainly students from Afghanistan’s remote provinces who are now residing in Kabul. It is a gateway for their mind to travel to different worlds, to experience different lives, and to imagine things that might be. Surrounded by shelves of well-picked books, here, they enjoy the sheer joy of reading and studying in a warm, conducive and beautiful environment while also relishing the ease of a free Internet.

As one of our young members gleefully, and with much enthusiasm, proclaimed, “Rahila Library has given me roots in my new community. It has become a home base for me. I love it.”

But Rahila Library is not just about the space and resources. It is also about using both to foster the art of critical thinking and active learning by organizing interactive group discussions and project-based learning activities.

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