The impact of Rahila Foundation has been incredibly huge so far. Through its holistic approach to youth development, as well as research and support programs, Rahila Foundation strengthens and deepens the impact of what it does for Afghan youths, primarily the needy, by helping to “educate, empower, change”. This aspect of Rahila Foundation’s achievement is unquantifiable but tangible. In other words, Rahila Foundation has taught the community an invaluable lesson: that we can be resilient and can fight back by more impactful and emancipating means.

As one of our partner organizations once said, “Rahila Foundation is a problem-solver, the hand-raisers, the game-changers. They fight for quality education and making it accessible for every person in every community.”

Funds and donation entrusted to Rahila Foundation have allowed us to touch nearly 1,000 young lives.


60 Scholarship
463 Training
100 Mentorship
79% Female       21% Male 48% Female         52% Male 62% Female        38% Male


95% Membership

We measure our success in actual lives changed. These stories are a testament to the difference that Rahila Foundation makes when we come together to create lasting change.

Feraba Mohammadi Faraidoon Mohammadi Mena Hamidi Samiullah Delary


We create positive and sustainable change by forging unlikely partnerships, finding new solutions to old problems and mobilizing the best resources. But we do not do it alone.


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