Be a GAdvocate

Rahila Foundation GAdvocates are interested professionals around the globe who are committed to furthering our mission to communities and people around them on behalf of the Rahila Foundation by ensuring the organization’s compassionate work is more effective and far-reaching. In doing so, they give of themselves to whatever extent they may be motivated, in whatever manner they choose to serve. Our GAdvocates feel comfortable and morally obliged to working towards a more rigid and prosperous society where needy and underprivileged Afghan youth are empowered through education and educational opportunities.

Becoming a GAdvocate:

  • Must be individual/organization living/working outside Afghanistan;
  • Be passionate about and committed to furthering Rahila Foundation’s mission in their communities;
  • Determined to empower and change young Afghan lives, primarily the needy;
  • Engage and support Rahila Foundation’s activities;
  • Represent Rahila Foundation in their community, as well as at relevant programs and event;
  • Be interested to attend Rahila Foundation’s Annual Community Symposium.

To become a GAdvocate, take a moment to fill out our GAdvocate online form.

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