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Rahila dreamed of helping her society overcome the crises that have plagued it by solutions drawn from the knowledge and education of its youth. Her dream was prematurely curtailed; thus, it was left upon us to continue her mission of leading our society towards progress and prosperity by promoting education and making it accessible to all. Donate to our cause and make a difference. Our commitment to transparency and accountability ensures that the end-use of funds is clearly identifiable in all activities and at all times.

Give Monthly:

By making a monthly commitment your contribution will add up to a big impact, helping us ensure sustainability by providing ongoing support to our activities, and ensuring that more Afghan youth can fulfill their potential.

We ask you to consider becoming one of the exceptional individuals, who we fondly call Rahila Foundation’s HopeBuilders. As a HopeBuilder, you will receive regular updates on the impact of your support, as well as on recent developments at Rahila Foundation.



Become a HopeBuilder by filling out this online monthly donation form.

Give Online:

This is a convenient, secure, and simple way to give with an account to Rahila Foundation and adding to our momentum for spreading quality education and effecting change.

Donate now and make a difference.

Make in-kind Gifts:

Are you thinking to make gifts to impact young lives? The examples of our in-kind gifts include goods like furniture, office equipment, building materials, paintings, as well as services such as the internet or offering administrative support. Write to us at info@rahilafoundation.org or reach us at +93 78 786 8114.



If you have questions about becoming our donor of these kinds, or if you would like to receive additional information, please contact us at info@rahilafoundation.org.


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