The Foundation

Named in the memory of Late Rahila, Rahila Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political grassroots organization based in Kabul envisioning a society where quality education and the pursuit of knowledge at school and university levels is made accessible to all so everyone can fulfill their potential.

Our Mission:

A note in Rahila’s diary read: “The society can overcome its current crisis through solutions that must be drawn from the knowledge and education of its youth.” Inspired by this, Rahila Foundation strives to promote education and to make it accessible to those youths whose pursuit of education is hindered by economic difficulties, lack of resources, and necessary mentorship.

Our Goals:

  1. Providing books and space for youth to promote reading, learning, and research;
  2. Providing computers, internet, and digital resources for youth;
  3. Providing capacity-building training programs for youth to enhance their personal and professional skills;
  4. Sponsoring needy, as well as providing educational mentorship for youth in their pursuit of entering university, and
  5. Advocating for youth access to education at school and university levels.

Our Core Values:

Rahila Foundation is built on certain principles that guide how we measure our work and express our basic ethical and professional behavior. These principles, which we call the CIDAS leadership, are the core values that we live up to and, thus, are:

Commitment: We stand by and continue to do so to a solemn commitment we took to never forget the lofty dreams of Rahila and her classmates. It is for this commitment that we are tuning our unfathomable grief into momentum to spread quality education and effect change.

Impact: We place the lives of youth at the center of all our work, in doing so, always decide in the best interests of youth and the Foundation.

Diversity and Creativity: We pursue diversity in our workforce and activities, and embrace creative ideas and change to challenge the status quo and to foster a diverse and creative environment for youth.

Accountability: We take responsibility for leveraging consistent execution and attitude, managing our funds and resources efficiently, realizing measurable results, and being accountable to our donors, partners, supporters and, most of all, youth.

Sustainability: In all that we do, we take into account short-term results with long-term requirements that impact our work. We help youth to do the same by providing a balanced, efficient and healthy environment.



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