That Sinister Day 

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, Rahila was sitting next to hundreds of classmates in a crowded classroom, all fighting their way to university, working hard to get into their favorite field of study, or perhaps striving to become the top one… Rahila and her classmates were determined for education, not knowing that some beastlike brutes might stretch the frontline of a senseless war all the to their classroom packed with aspirant and ambitious children the like of her.

On that sinister day, Rahila and tens of her classmates were martyred, hundreds of others wounded. Too many dreams shattered, too much determination curtailed, too much of the hope of a society that has bled so much destroyed.

Hamid, Rahila’s brother, sat together with Rahila for most of the Tuesday night, listening to her as she talked passionately about her dreams, her goals, her future. She told him about her decision to do an undergraduate degree in economics, her favorite field of study. To encourage her more, Hamid promised a “good” prize for her if she successfully got into her favorite field of study. “Just favorite field of study?” she reacted with surprise. “I want to become the top one in Kankor!”

Who is Rahila?

Rahila was born in 2000 to a peasant father and housewife mother in Jaghori, Ghazni. She had learned to read and write from her mother before she enrolled in grade three in 2009. With her unique passion for education and educating others, she started courses of Holy Quran and school subjects for poor students at her home since grade six in the hope that all girls in her society become literate and educated to take part in the development and growth of her country.

Blessed with extraordinary public speaking skills, she was an avid and sociable girl who was engaged in social and cultural programs at a young age. She took her Diploma of English language in 2016 and began teaching in one of the English language centers in West of Kabul. Rahila was at grade 12 at school and had planned to sit the university entrance exam of Kankor in 2019 to study Economics at Kabul University.

In her own childish words, she has written about her dreams and future goals in her diary. One page reads: “I can be the Rahil that her society needs her desperately in its pursuit for prosperity and progress. This society will overcome its current crisis by solutions drawn from the knowledge and education of its youth, the like of Rahil…” Rahil and her classmates were not allowed to fulfill their potentials, to come up with solutions to the current mess.


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